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In 2021 we offer a bow-hunting package includes a private hunt camp and 4 stands in Manitoulin Eco Park. We are near Tehkummah in area 43B on Manitoulin Island.  Guests’ cars/trucks can take the designated gravel Star Lane back to park at MEP Hunt Camp, which is located within a RASC-designated DarkSky Preserve, offering spectacular views of the MilkyWay in late autumn!  There is an abundance of mixed hardwood forest, open fields and meadows, and many cedar clusters. No guest ATVs, motorcycles, or dirt bikes are allowed. The Eco Park’s Quad will transport the tag-holding hunter and kill back to MEP Hunt Camp, however we do not have guides to help with the hunt or dressing.

In 2021 Manitoulin ECO Park is open for bow hunting packages OCT. 27 – Nov. 21  &  Nov. 29 – Dec. 5. 

From Nov. 22 – Nov. 28 there is NO HUNT of any kind


ONTARIO DEER HUNT: Our District is WMU 43B

  • Bow hunting ONLY
  • for ANTLERED BUCKS only
  • Up to 4 persons maximum may stay at MEP Hunt Camp
  • When booking MEP Hunt Camp, you MUST identify each individual by name, and each hunter in your party as “resident” or “non-resident” licensed hunter.
  • 4 hunting blinds are available (1 tree stand, 1 ground stand, 2 easy access stands: a marked and numbered map of blind locations will be provided upon arrival). These have not been baited. We have plenty of acorns, nuts, and vegetation at the Eco Park to support deer habitat.
  • Hunting is limited to the designated area that will be marked on the map: other areas of the Eco Park must not be used for hunting, they are used by residents including special needs children and Service Dogs.
  • No companion or hunting dogs are allowed at MEP Hunt Camp.
  • Hunting is permitted from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset only.
  • MEP Hunt Camp guests’ cars/trucks are permitted ONLY on the designated gravel roads leading to/from the parking area at MEP Hunt Camp. Damage fees will be assessed if it is found that hunting guests’ vehicles have been driven anywhere else at MEP. 
  • Guest ATVs, motorcycles, and dirt bikes are not permitted. We are an Eco Park, and our mandate is to preserve the natural flora, fauna, and habitats.  Our staff will provide transport of the tag-holding hunter and kill back to Hunt Camp.
  • Hunters must contact the Hunt Camp Check In Line when deer are downed and give the location (identify by closest blind #), so the Eco Park Quad can transport  the hunter and “tagged-gutted-kill” to the Hunt Camp.
  • If a deer is wounded and crosses a property line, hunters need to contact the Hunt Camp Phone Line so neighbouring property owners can be notified that a deer will be tracked, and a representative from MEP must be present for tracking and retrieval. 
  • Headlights on personal vehicles may be used for night light only when dressing out the hung deer. 
  • Hunters may bring their own generator and flood lamps (not provided by MEP) to use at night only for dressing out deer. 
  • No white light including headlights or flashlights, is allowed after sunset in the DarkSky Preserve (including MEP Hunt Camp) for any other purposes.
  • Hunters will keep ALL trash and recyclables including bottles/cans inside the cabin (to avoid attracting wildlife), which can then be placed in the designated bins near the Nature Center at the front of the Eco Park when you depart.
  • We expect that any consumption of alcohol will be done in a responsible way 
  • No smoking inside the Stargazing Cabin; all ash to be left in outdoor ash receptacle.
  • Each hunter must sign an individual liability waiver upon check-in before any hunting occurs.

All hunters must have and on their person at all times the following:

  • ONT Outdoors Card,
  • ONT Deer Licence or Farmer’s Deer Licence listed on your Licence Summary,
  • Deer Tag or Additional Deer Tag (validated for the appropriate season/firearm, area, and type of deer) OR be party hunting with a person who has a valid Deer Tag or Additional Deer Tag.
  • Land-Owner Consent  FW4511( E ) will be issued to each hunter upon arrival along with map marking Blind locations and their numbers. (please be sure to keep paper copies dry and legible)
  • Hunters are only permitted to harvest the type of deer identified on their Deer Tag or Additional Deer Tag, except in the following circumstances:  if “party hunting”, a hunter may harvest the type of deer identified on the Deer Tag (or Additional Deer Tag).


Minimum Requirements for Bow draw WGT & LGTH and for Arrows  refer to pg.31 Hunting Regulations Summary 2021 * 2022 

Bow must have a draw weight of at least 18 kilograms (39.7 lb.)

at a draw length of 700mm (27.6 in.) or less.

Arrows must be at least 600mm (23.6in.) long and have at a minimum

a 22mm (0.87 in.) wide broadhead with at least two sharp cutting edges.
Crossbows must have a draw length of at least 300 mm (11.8 in.) and a

draw weight of at least 45 kilograms (99.2 lb.).

Bolts at a minimum must have 22 mm (0.87 in.) wide broadhead

with at least two sharp cutting edges.


We are located in Tehkummah, Ontario, on Manitoulin Island. After mid-October, Manitoulin is accessible by road access via the Swing Bridge in Little Current on the north eastern tip of the island. We are located a half hour from Little Current, where you can also do some grocery or gear shopping.  The ferry to the island does not operate after mid-October.

18777 Hwy 6, Tehkummah, On, P0P 2C0

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