For 2021 we have 4 stands numbered 1 – 4 available, with hanging poles at MEP Hunt Camp in the DarkSky Preserve. A map identifying the location of each stand will be provided upon arrival.

1 Tree Stand

Our 2021 tall tree stand uses a ladder to get up into position. It has windows in two walls with burlap covering them for added camouflage without disrupting your sight. 

2 Easy Access Stands

Our  2 easy access stands give you all the amenities of our tall tree stands. You use stairs to climb into position and other supports are built in to help with mobility.  They have windows in two or three walls with burlap covering them for added camouflage  without disrupting your sight. 

1 Ground Blind

Our ground blind is for those looking for long sight lines and panoramic views without the concern of getting up into the trees. For some this is a safer alternative to a tall tree stand. Ground blinds can sometimes hide movement better and be warmer on colder days.